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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some Dodgy Businessman

Biggest joke of a businessman.
There is a sign at the postoffice - stating mail has been sorted.
Purpose of which is to tell people, mail has been sorted, once its actually done, usually around 8 or 9am in the morning.
Funnily enough, this sign is there 24/7. No surprises there!
But when Mr. Budding businessman was questioned on this queer work practice, he stated ' If I take it away, I'll forget it to put it back.'

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

First Day work experience

My first day in a law firm....Is this my future career? My dream career?
I'll probably need some more time to decide those questions.
But I will have to say this quite small suburban law practice is great!
Awesome friendly environment.
I feel Like I'm actually wanted!!!
What I learnt that I would never learn in law school?
Always sign a will with the same pen...i.e Witnesses and testator..all same pen!
Never staple or paper clip a will, you'll need to do more paper work(i.e affidavits) explainign why it got there.
Use your diary and file notes to pass as a good lawyer
A lot of people see lawyers for wills, purchase or sale of a property, and guarantees at this firm.
Money is held on the trust account, if you havn't billed the client for it. So bill him quickly!
Cost of post is credited to the client's account.
O and If you want to stop talking to annoying, lonely clients, just say, O there's someone at the door, I''ll talk to you later. Its a nice way to hang up.
Firms get alot of spam calls, and we complain about spam mail!
And a few other things, I shall keep to myself ;)
Signing off