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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My miscarriage liberated me

It made me respect all the women who give birth. All the women who abort their child. All the women who try to become pregnant. All the women who have a miscarriage.

My miscarriage taught me the capabilities of my body. It taught me how to appreciate my resilient body. It awakened me to how much we don’t know. I don’t know why my miscarriage happened.

I was able to own and be more confident in my skin and body. Parts of your body that no one would see, were witnessed by many. There’s no place left for shyness. It also made me salute the doctors and nurses. They do a great job, seeing you at your worst and still smiling.

My miscarriage proved to me that drugs have played a key part in women’s liberation.
 I work in the health industry regulating drugs. The money mindedness of the pharmaceutical sector made me anti-drugs. I would resist taking drugs at all cost. But, only after giving birth to a still born did I understand that drugs have made life so much easier, especially for women.

The amount of women who would have died from child birth has been greatly reduced because of drugs. Without drugs, I could not have given birth to a 5 month still born without surgery. The pain that I felt was also greatly reduced because of drugs.

I am so lucky to have been born in this age and era where drugs are available. What would women in my situation have done 200years ago?