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Friday, 30 November 2007

தாவனி வயது

I don't know if its just me, but there seems to definitely be an increase in thavani's in Tamil movies. LOls, i know what an abstract topic to write about. But its amazing and moreover impressive. Finally the Tamil movie industry is doing something worthwhile by promoting this wonderful கலாச்சார உடை.

Ive always enjoyed wearing thavanis. Lols...clarification. ME ain't a pattikaadu, if that's what you were thinking.Wearing it, gives you a sense of youth. YEt at the same time a feeling of maturity. It makes anyone look good, no need to worry about those extra blabs of fat. And from the point of fashion, It definitely highlights the good bits of your body. If ur tall, It emphasises that fact. If you have excellent curves, the thavani will do justice to it.

More ever, there's so much choice to thavani. So much colours, so much materials. And so many things tht you can do to create ur style.

But the movie industry has a habit of always showing things that as a society we don't actually do. And reflecting on my cousins attitudes to the thavani in India, i suspect, my views are a bit out of trend. My cousins find the thavani annoying, restrictive and moreover out of date. But hey you cant deny that you'll only ever get a chance to wear the thavani once!

The thavani is a Tamil traditional costume. The chudithar u wear everyday isn't. Hello, hate to break it to you guys, but the chudithar is from the north. எதுக்கு பறக்கரதுக்கு ஆசை படவேண்டும், or else what's happening to our ancient medicines will also happen to this. Someone else will come and steal it, or we ourselves will forget it. and man has anyone else adopted our thavani, why did we adopt their chudither? Its not even give and take.

The more sadder aspect is that its not just our younger generation who've let the thavani go. I talk to my athai, and she goes why waste your money on a thavani when you can buy a chudithar. Ahhh...we've got our priorities highly mixed up. But then again, I get where my athai is coming from.If we are hardly ever going to wear it, why buy it?

My mum makes me wear the thavani when i go to the temple. But then I don't really have any other occasion to where this beautiful dress. Maybe that's why we've forgotten the thavani? Has occasions to wear the thavani disappeared of the face of earth?

புதுமையை கடைப்பிடிக்கும் பொழுது, பழமையும் அழகும் மிக்க இந்த தாவனி வயதை மறந்திடவேண்டாம். இந்த வயதை கடந்துவிட்டால் இனி ஏது தாவனி?

Thursday, 29 November 2007


I went to my first class, with my mum dragging me along. I cried, shouted and finally succumbed, as my protests were nothin but futile. Today I turn back and hug my mum and thank her for the pressure she gave me to attend that very first class. I see so many people doing so many things, I'm glad at least I stuck to dancing. It's not like I'm brilliant at dancing. I had my second thoughts getting through the adavus. O they were horirble. But like all things, you only get the pazham after the kaay. Once we started Alarippu, I loved it. Its a mystical brilliant art form. So much can be expressed, and yet its so structured. Attending just one class makes you relax from head to toe. My worries seem to vanish. I feel so divine for just that moment. Everything is in beat. The nattuvangam, with the song, accompanied by the beat of the legs. It just makes perfect sense.