Life is a camera, Face it with a smile
A smile is like saying hello without any words.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pure Happiness

You know that feeling when you get it.
"Or do you?"
The feeling of goodness. Altruistic?
"The stupid "goodness" Altruism, whateva."

The feeling you get when you happened to be the person who could offer the seat in the Tram.
"Stupid Old man, had to look at me, now I'll have to get up, and suffer this journey standing"
The type of contentedness you get as the random passer by who provided directions .
'll just tell him the way to look smart"
The sort of satisfaction you receive from cooking awesome food for friends and family.
"I have cooking skills, and I'm just paying you back for the $100 lunch at Grand Hyatt"
Holding the door open for the other guy in return for the thankyou.
"I'm patient enough to wait for you"
The sweetening emotions that overwhelm with the little heartwarming smiles.
"It would be rude otherwise, not to smile"
The ones that make life so worth living.
"Life's many painstaking formalities"
Natural things that help and make others happy.
"Make things so complicated"
They make you feel like a millionaire in a second.
"Make you feel jobless/stupid in less than a second"
Who said altruism existed? Its all a feedback system.
"I didn't, what's altruism"
Helping makes them happy, so I help to see them happy which of course by the turn of Karma makes me happy.
"Helping is only for my own gain. Hot guy/gal. Makes me look good. Otherwise not worth the effort"
If it didn't make them happy, or rather, didn't make me happy, why would I do it?
"I've not helping cos I feel good, okay, get it right?"

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Women, whore, and polygamous marriages.
I've got mixed views.

I'm filled with distaste at polygamous marriages, especially when its only the man who can do it. (okay that came out the wrong way. I don't like polygamous marriages full stop. And its even worse that men only seem to get away with it. )
But to deal with such cases of polygamous marriage, and the urge to stray, the idea, as presented in the article, of women being a 'whore' in bed seems logical. Feed the hunger, and it stops.
Unfortunately, the hunger might not be satisfied fully, and hence if one has to stray, he does.
And as pointed out by the article, women already have so much responsibility - plus this? It may be unfair to place the burden of straying on women, when it's men committing the sin.
But, its still one strategy of many to try, to make the marriage work. After all, straying is going to ruin the marriage. So if the man can't be responsible, let the female take control, and entice him to stay in his own boundaries. I don't see that as women just being a sex toy.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Just when I thought discrimination didn't exist.
The age old prejudices, and biases crop up.
Not obvious of course, hidden beneath the veil of lifestle blah blah blah.
How will it ever let you move forward?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Google's Ideas

So Google thinks Facebook is competition?

Amongst the big 4 of the net (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon) why would any one of the 4 ever feel competition?
Seriously each has its own market share for different things.
Amazon - the no1 retailer online.
Facebook - the no1 socialiser online
Apple - the no1 user friendly app.
Google - the no1 search engine.

Why invent competition when there is none. Sure, 300million people are honked on to Facebook, but they are not going to give up Google for searching. If any weird attempt of copying Facebook occurs on Google, I'm not really sure if that's going to help them.

For starters, its going to turn me against the search engine. What your doing is smart, i.e, google books, google scholar. It's unique. Remember, even the little attempt at Google buzz was such a failure, so why muddle with things that are to be left to others?

If adds, and income is being attracted by Facebook, it seriously isn't a reason to panic. You still have the market share of users in search engines, and a lot of advertising income will still be generated that way.

So chillax and retain your personality GOOGLE. A little advise from a little person.
If anything Facebook, is the one to fear with all the law suits and controversies.